Friday, February 18, 2011


Updating is a pain in the ass Only cuz
nothing seems to be working treatment wise for me.
I ended up getting a whole body cat scan, of course nothing abnormal showed up.
I feel like a freaking Zombie.

I am now taking chemo pills ( Methotrexate )
im on week 5 of them and see no difference in my recovery.
My rash is still very much present and my nail beds are still sore and degenerating.
I will continue treatment in hopes it will kick in.

I am getting waves where my arms will get heavy and ache , the pain in the muscles can be nauseating. I get this a few times a week only which isn't so bad.

I am not losing any hair at this time, I don't think i will, thank the lord above!
I think my positivity and strength determine whether i will be sicker. I am strong and don't allow this to take over and have power over me.
your mind is powerful and is the best treatment..

Ive heard that its possible that i may have platelet infusions.
I'm almost eager to try that right now.
Ive heard great things from this Treatment.

I have great medical right now, but recently am getting a divorce and I will have zilch medical, and that is stressful and does suck big time, but i know i can find some sort of help out there.
Even if i go in debt it don't matter , life is precious.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Search & Win

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( My son Bryce: Stealthy104 wrote a great informative Blog on swagbucks check it out )